About the Foundation

The Foundation was established by Sir Charles Clore in 1964 and is now chaired by his daughter, Dame Vivien Duffield. It supports UK charities working in the arts, education, social welfare and health. The Foundation enhances Jewish cultural life through support for JW3, the Jewish arts and community centre in London.


What we do

Our work remains rooted in the charitable commitments of Sir Charles Clore and his daughter, Dame Vivien Duffield. Including:


  • Developing programmes and partnerships to create opportunities for people through art, culture and heritage in the UK. Artistic talent should be nurtured and supported wherever it exists and careers in the cultural sector should be open to all.
  • Supporting new and existing Clore Learning Spaces to ensure children and young people, in particular, have the chance to benefit from art, culture and heritage and the inspiration, knowledge, joy and wellbeing they bring.
  • Ensuring the important organisations created by the Foundation continue to be strong, impactful and resilient, including JW3, the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme and Eureka!
  • Taking a thoughtful and strategic approach to grant-making in the wider charitable sector, with an emphasis on nimble, front-line charities delivering change to people who most need it.


How we work

We are flexible, responsive and adaptable. Our team is lean with a lack of bureaucracy and hierarchy which ensures that we can be flexible and agile, responding to need. It also ensures our resources are focused where they add most value, on grants. We keep our administration costs below 10% of total spend.

We focus on excellence and outcomes and support organisations that endeavour to provide quality, people-focused programmes and continue to learn and evolve.

We are a caring and responsible funder. We take our responsibilities towards organisations we have funded, past and present, seriously. We hold them to account for the services they provide with our funding, we champion their work, we listen and respond to their needs.


The Clore Israel Foundation

The Clore Duffield Foundation has a sister foundation in Israel. The Clore Israel Foundation is a grant-giving foundation established by Sir Charles Clore in 1965. After the death of Sir Charles in 1979, his daughter, Dame Vivien Duffield, assumed the chairmanship of the foundation. The Clore Israel Foundation has, since its establishment, been at the forefront of charitable endeavours in Israel. It supports projects in the fields of science and education, health and welfare, the arts, culture, sports and shared society. The foundation has always placed a high priority on helping diverse populations, contributing to all sectors of Israeli society.

Please visit Clore Israel Foundation website for more information about the work.


Clore Gallery, Tate Britain
Clore Gallery, Tate Britain
Singing in the Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre
Courtsey Southbank Centre © Belinda Lawley (conf.)
Singing in the Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre
Courtsey Southbank Centre © Belinda Lawley (conf.)

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Every effort has been made to seek permission for the use of images on this website, which include images from Space for Learning, 2015; from the Clore Performing Arts Awards publication, 2011; and from the Artworks Awards, 2000-2004. The Clore Duffield Foundation would like to thank all those who have kindly given permission for the use of images.